Betting on MMA – The Basics

mma betting

Before you start betting on MMA, you should know some basics. Among these are Over/Under, KO/TKO, Submission, and more. If you have no idea about these topics, you can start by learning more about MMA and its various betting markets. You can also read articles on the internet and join online forums. The more you learn about MMA, the better you’ll be able to understand the smaller details of the sport.


While over/under bets on MMA are more difficult than moneyline wagers, they can still be profitable. In MMA, the over hits exactly halfway through a round. The same is true in boxing, where the over hits exactly at 1:30. This difference in timing makes betting on MMA over/under odds even more risky. If you like to place multiple wagers at once, you should consider using a parlay.


The number of rounds in MMA fights varies, but in general, an over bet is a better choice than an under bet. The reason is that in MMA, fighters fight for only three minutes per round, compared to seven minutes in boxing. As a result, betting on the ‘Over’ will generally pay off when the fight ends in the final round, while betting on the ‘Under’ is usually a better choice when the bout goes to the limit.


If you want to bet on a winner in a mixed martial arts fight, you can bet on a KO/TKO outcome. KO/TKO refers to when a fighter wins via technical knockout or by KO. This type of bet covers when a fighter is knocked out via strikes and when he is stopped by a referee, corner or doctor. A fighter can also tap out while being punched. Any type of submission is a TKO in the UFC and other promotions.


If you are looking to make a profit from your MMMA betting, consider betting on an MMMA betting submission. The odds on a submission are typically good, so you should look for fighters who are not wearing themselves out early in the fight. For example, Max Holloway doesn’t wear himself out early, and he can snap a submission on you out of nowhere. You can find the same type of strategy in boxing.


If you like to wager on fights, you can do so with MMMA betting decision. This type of wagering involves making two selections: whether the fight will be decided by decision, or whether the fight will go the full three or five rounds. These decisions are more difficult to win, and you should not bet on the winner of a fight with this type of wagering. But if you can handle the challenges, you can win a lot of money doing it!

Grouped round betting

When betting on MMA fights, you may be wondering how grouping rounds work. Grouped round betting is the same concept as boxing betting, where you can bet on one round or an entire group of rounds. In boxing, bouts are usually twelve rounds long, so betting on one round isn’t necessarily profitable. With grouping rounds, however, you can bet on the knockout or on the fight going the full distance.